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Master class: Content Strategy for Mobile

20 augusti, 2013 @ 09:0016:00

En chans jag inte fick missa. En heldag mästerklass med Karen McGrane som skrivit en riktigt bra bok i ämnet.

With users engaging more deeply and frequently with their mobile devices, they’re expecting an experience that’s as good as—even better than—the desktop web. It’s time to think about developing your content strategy for mobile.

This master class explores the challenges and constraints of presenting content in mobile interfaces and contexts. Desktop websites have gotten cluttered with useless information that doesn’t meet user needs. Mobile offers an opportunity to re-prioritize messages, rewrite jargon, and remove outdated information. You’ll learn how to use mobile as a wedge to create a better experience for ALL users. Helping you reach your target audiences – even when they are on the move.

Karen McGrane
Content strategist, Bond Art + Science

By 2015, more people will access the internet via mobile devices than on traditional computers. It’s time to stop avoiding the issue by saying “no one will ever want to do that on mobile.”

Karen is the author of “Content Strategy for Mobile” and has helped businesses create better digital products for more than 15 years, through the power of user experience design and content strategy. She is Managing Partner at the UX consultancy Bond Art + Science.

The master class is run together with Mathias Eriksson from Matter.


20 augusti, 2013
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